The powerful BRAXL gantry machining centre and its rigid structure of the upper gantry design guarantee high dynamics and precision of machining. The centre can be configured according to the customer’s requirements up to the dimensions of 50 m in X axis, 6 m in Y axis, and 3 m in Z axis. Like all BRAY machines, the BRAXL milling centre can be equipped with hybrid technologies such as ultrasonic cutting for standard or aluminium honeycomb.

Technical parameters

X Axis [mm]
3 000-50 000
Y Axis [mm]
2 000-6 000
Z Axis [mm]
1 000-3 000
Max. speed XYZ [m/min]
Spindle output [kW]
Torque [Nm]
Tool holder
HSK A63, HSK F63
Control system
Siemens, Heidenhain
Positioning accuracy XYZ [mm/m]
±0,015 (0,030)
Repeatability [mm/m]
±0,01 (0,015)

Fields of application





Upper cover of the machine

The BRAXL also offers the possibility of a complete covering of the ceiling with a roller shutter system, which is particularly suitable for trimming and machining of dust-producing materials.

Tool changers

As required by the customer, the tool changers are available in a rotary or linear arrangement. The rotary tool changer can be placed between the bearing pillars of the machine in any number. The linear tool changer is located at the back of the workspace.

Liquid cooling

One of the options of the machine equipment is tool cooling with a cutting fluid. The cooling set contains a coolant filtration station, a pump with accessories, and an optional collecting reservoir. We recommend ceiling covering of the machine with mist exhaust. It is a matter of course that the workspace cover is protected against splashing.


All parts of the machine frame are made of thick-walled sheets which are annealed after welding. Subsequently, they are machined on five-axis centres and checked by the measuring equipment. This guarantees dimensional and geometric accuracy of individual parts and consequently of the entire machine. The design has undergone computational optimization using the finite element method for dynamic load calculation.