The BRAS compact 3-axis machining centre is designed for surface milling and drilling. It can be used in particular in the machining of models, moulds, plate materials and wherever precision and productive machining of plastics, composites, aluminium alloys or similar materials is required.

Technical parameters

X Axis [mm]
1 900-2 500
Y Axis [mm]
1 280, 1 500
Z Axis [mm]
Max. speed XYZ [m/min]
Spindle output [kW]
9 (7.5)
Torque [Nm]
7.2 (6)
Tool holder
ISO 30
Control system
Heidenhain TNC620
Positioning accuracy XYZ [mm/m]
Repeatability [mm/m]

Fields of application





Machine cover

At customer’s request, the machine can be completely covered in a box with sliding door with front access. The box walls are made of metal sheet, with polycarbonate sight panels.

Linear guide

The BRAS is equipped with linear axes with ball screws, protected by bellows against intrusion of dust and chips to increase endurance and service life of the machine. For maintenance of the machine and its guides, the bellows can be simply removed without using tools.

Tool changer

Tool changer is placed at the end of the worktop of the table. Depending on the machine size it is possible to use a linear changer for 6 or 8 tools. The tools can be changed manually or automatically.


The integrated Heidenhain TT 160 probe is used for accurate measurement of the tools. Depending on the type of the machined material it is possible to use different types of clamping work tables adapted for mechanical or vacuum clamping of the workpiece.