The BRAM compact CNC machining centre is designed for shape milling and drilling. High rigidity and speed of the machine provides for precision machining under various conditions with high productivity and lower costs. The BRAM milling centre is designed for highly productive milling of light alloys and for work with abrasive materials.

Technical parameters

X Axis [mm]
3 000-4 000
Y Axis [mm]
1 500-2 200
Z Axis [mm]
800, 1 200, 1 600
Max. speed XYZ [m/min]
Spindle output [kW]
Torque [Nm]
Tool holder
HSK A63, HSK F63
Control system
Siemens, Heidenhain
Positioning accuracy XYZ [mm/m]
±0,01 (0,015)
Repeatability [mm/m]
±0,008 (0,015)

Fields of application





Milling heads

The BRAM CNC machining centre can be equipped with two basic types of milling heads: HB 662 and HB 678. All spindles are cooled with liquid. The HB 678 milling head contains a spindle position encoder and direct measurement in A and C axes in basic design. For HB 662 head this equipment is optional.

Linear tool changer

The machine is standardly delivered with linear tool changer for 13 tools. In machining, the tools and above all tool holders are protected against dirt thanks to complete covering. The BRAM can be equipped with up to four linear tool changers for total capacity of 52 tools.

Liquid cooling

For the most demanding tool cooling and chip removal requirements, the machine can be equipped with liquid cooling. The machine structure is specially modified for this cooling method by an internal cover, a chip conveyor in front of the work table, a forced circulation collection tank and filtration.

Complete covering of the ceiling

For trimming and machining of dust-producing materials it is possible to select the option of complete covering of the ceiling with a roller shutter system.